VICTORY! Florida Planned Parenthood mill STILL can’t do abortions….

Florida Planned Parenthood Mill
STILL Can’t Do Abortions!
PP Held to Its Word in Restrictive Covenant….

PPGOKISSPP Officials Admit that Abortions
Are MAJOR Part of Their Business….

As Planned Parenthood on the national stage reels from revelations that it sells baby body parts, alters procedures to suit high-rolling body part buyers, performs illegal partial birth abortions, and even peddles fetal tissue contrary to the mother’s wishes, a PP “health center” in Kissimmee, Florida, right outside Disney World, has received bad news: its motion filed with the Fifth District Court of Appeals is denied, so that abortions are still prohibited on its premises.

The court’s order in the matter of Planned Parenthood v. MMB Properties, issued on August 11, effectively continues a prohibition in place since May 22, 2015.

At issue in this case is not the general propriety of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills but the application of a restrictive covenant PP accepted when it purchased property at the Oak Commons Medical Park. Another property owner subject to the same covenant filed a complaint because the park’s “Declaration of Restrictions” disallowed the operation of an “outpatient surgical center” on site.

There followed an absolute hurricane of defensive measures from Planned Parenthood, a temporary stay for the abortion giant, and finally an affirmation of the covenant’s force. Thanks to the district court’s August 11 order, that affirmation continues, and PP may not provide abortions at its Oak Commons site. PP intends further appeals.

Arguments made by the pro-abortion side in the case would constitute great comedy material if they weren’t so sad.  At one time, a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman actually stated that surgical abortions were not surgical, since no incisions were typically made in the mother’s flesh.

More important was PP’s insistence that, if abortions were prohibited at the Oak Commons site, the “health center” would have to close—a claim inconsistent with PP’s oft-repeated line that abortion constitutes only 3 percent of its business. This contradiction was noted by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and may be used in hearings questioning government funding for Planned Parenthood.

Nevertheless, the greatest satisfaction in the case lies in knowing that no abortions are taking place at PP’s Kissimmee center, which was clearly intended almost exclusively as an abortion mill. As long as this order endures, every day is a victory over Planned Parenthood in the Oak Commons Medical Park!