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The Vanishing Plaintiff


Lawyers for abortionists in Minnesota brought a case called Doe v. Gomez.  State Attorney General Humphrey sent them a notice saying he wanted to talk to the plaintiff called Doe. He was told he couldn’t because she had disappeared. No plaintiff, no case, right? While the case was pending before the state Supreme Court he appeared on a talk radio show. Humphrey was asked whether he knew whether the plaintiff was real or make-believe. He replied in part, “…we did not want to get into the details of all of that.” The details, like whether she existed. Click here to read the entire article.

Populations We Don’t Want Too Many Of 


Read Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s reaction to the Court’s ruling in McRae v. Harris holding that the government is not required to pay for abortions–and then learn what abortion activists are doing at the state level to get around the ruling.

In 1980 the Supreme Court issued a decision that said, “yes, you have a right to abortion, no, the government does not have to pay for it.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not on the Court at the time, but later when she was on the Court she commented on the case, she told the New York Times . . . [Click here to read the full article.]

How Democracy Dies

RIP Democracy

In deciding that the Minnesota Constitution contains a right to abortion, the Minnesota Supreme Court was mimicking the United States Supreme Court in Roe v Wade. In Roe, the Court said that the 14thAmendment contains a right to abortion. There is nothing about abortion in the 14thAmendment. Equally important there is nothing about the Court in the 14thAmendment. Read the full article here.