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Life Legal is a pro-life, pro bono law firm. We handle a wide array of cases in the defense of human life, including protecting the right to pro-life speech, employment discrimination for pro-life views, forced abortion, and many more. We also intervene in cases involving the denial of life-sustaining care. In short, we protect vulnerable human life in the courtroom and the public square — and we couldn’t do it without your help.

The mission of Life Legal is to give innocent and helpless human beings of any age, particularly children in the womb, a trained and committed defense against the threat of death, and to support their advocates in the nation’s courtrooms.

Life Legal is a four-year consecutive Four-Star certified Charity Navigator organization.



We are committed to the protection of vulnerable life, especially children in the womb.

We recognize that life begins at the moment of conception and should not end until natural death. We handle cases involving the protection of life, including the protection of preborn babies who are targeted by a billion-dollar abortion industry. We also intervene in cases where people are denied life-sustaining care.


We are a LEGAL non-profit firm that defends the sanctity of human life in the courtroom and the public square.

Our staff of full-time attorneys handles a wide range of cases—both civil and criminal—from the local courtroom all the way to the Supreme Court. We also have a vast network of pro-life attorneys nationwide that work with us, especially in cases where a local attorney is needed to file emergency motions.


We provide our clients with a trained and committed DEFENSE of life and liberty.

We represent pro-lifers who have been fined, arrested, fired, or otherwise silenced because of their belief in the sanctity of human life.


We are a FOUNDATION—and that is where you come in.

We couldn’t do what we do without the help of prayerful and financial support. We rely completely on the generosity of people like you to provide the experienced, highly trained, and committed legal counsel that has served our clients well for over thirty years.

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  3. I read a story about your Organ Donation work. I thought I would share. I put what happened at the feet of the Nova Scotia Organ Donation Program, they were rushing to be the first Canadian Opt-Out Program. I was witness to & experienced horrific mistreatment that lasted for over five hours until he thankfully died, I cannot unsee the abuse and cruelty. In my search for answers which have been mostly concealed from me, here is some of my learning.
    (a)The ICU Doctors who cared for my late husband informed me that they tested him for brain death and he was brain-dead.
    (b)These Doctors asked if I would donate his lungs and tissues. In Canada, it is a conflict of interest for doctors caring for patients to test for brain death and/or ask the family to donate. After his death, I described what I witnessed to a donor expert in another province. I shared the hours of animalistic noises, flailing, head banging up and down and bucking. The expert politely asked, “Are you sure he was brain-dead?”

    We agreed to donate without knowing the right questions to ask. The Docs told us, we would receive 2 phone calls from the Tissue & the Organ Donation Programs. For the first call, I was put in the ICU lunchroom while ICU staff were having lunch. It was a shoebox… the call started with “Did your husband have sex with a man?” “No.” “Did your husband have sex with a man who had sex with a man?” “No…” The rushed calls took an hour each and were recorded. I had to say, “I agree” to make it a contract. I have not been able to access copies of these recorded calls, with me officially agreeing to donate. I was told my husband would be moved to another hospital; he would: die in the ICU; be cared for by a specialty donor nurse; receive medication every five minutes. “We promise you, Gail, that Michael will be well taken care of.” There were a lot of words around being part of the Donor Family; we would participate in events and celebrations of life… In hindsight, there was no need to rush these calls, as my husband was not moved to the other hospital for a number of days. These nurses could have met us in person. It was a twenty-minute drive.

    The 2md call was when I was in the car. It was identical, with the same promises he would be cared for by a specialty nurse in the ICU and a bit more on having an open casket as we were donating skin. Also, more talk about monthly newsletters, celebrations and events. Oddly, the nurse shared that she knew my husband as he was her real estate agent. She said he was kind.

    I was promised he would die in the ICU. AFTER I: was all in for the donation, was sitting in the ICU with my husband where he would die, and sent my family home as he was peaceful and getting his medication in his wrist every five minutes THE NURSE ANNOUNCED HER SHIFT WAS OVER AND HE WOULD BE MOVED. He ended up in orthopaedics, 8.1 also known for its reputation as the worst nursing unit in the QEII. He was put in a filthy room with no working lights, dirty towels on the floor, dirty sheets on the bed, two kicked over garbage cans with garbage spread on the floor, and the former patient information on the whiteboard. I was told by a horrific nurse that I was only to press the call button every hour. I cried because he was supposed to have his medication every five minutes. I said I was promised he would get the same care and the Nurse RATCHET snapped at me. “This is not the ICU!

    It was so bad I had a pillow in my hands. I was trying to will myself to suffocate him. He bucked, bounced, seized, made horrific animalistic noises like a wounded animal for five hours non-stop. I sat in the dark. I was only allowed to press the call button every hour. I viewed the nurses as enemies as they were so cruel yet I needed them. I was only allowed to press the call button every hour. He finally died when Nurse Ratchet asked if I wanted him to have an antianxiety medication. I had no idea, so I said yes because why not. I believe he was euthanized because he died five minutes after the shot.

    Months after his death, I was meeting with management, who were supposed to resolve my issues. I asked them I would have been charged with murder if I suffocated him. Nobody would look at me. My complaint was 2nd from the top, with the top causing death. It is five years later and they have not kept one promise to fix what was wrong with their horrible program. We live in Canada, and the province I lived in was racing to be the first donor program in Canada to have the Opt-Out Model. Opt Out means the family has to say no if they do not want to donate, and that is if they are available to have a say.

    I am glad you are there to help people with this program. I am for organ donation but not what they did to my husband in Nova Scotia.

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