The mission of Life Legal is to give innocent and helpless human beings of any age, particularly children in the womb, a trained and committed defense against the threat of death, and to support their advocates in the nation’s courtrooms.





1. We are committed to the protection of vulnerable LIFE.

We believe life begins at the moment of conception and does not end until natural death. We handle cases involving the protection of life, including the protection of preborn babies who are targeted by a billion-dollar abortion industry. We also intervene in cases where people are denied life-sustaining care.

2. We are a LEGAL non-profit firm that defends the sanctity of human life in the courtroom and the public square.

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Our staff of full-time attorneys handles a wide range of cases—both civil and criminal—from the local courtroom all the way to the Supreme Court. We also have a vast network of pro-life attorneys nationwide that work with us, especially in cases where a local attorney is needed to file emergency motions.

3. We provide our clients with a trained and committed DEFENSE of life and liberty.

Life Legal Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda with Fr. James Linton, who was arrested for praying with women outside a Planned Parenthood facility in California. Life Legal was able to get all charges dismissed.

We have represented notable leaders in the pro-life movement who have been fined, arrested, fired, or otherwise silenced because of their belief that human beings deserve protection from the moment of conception through natural death.

4. We are a FOUNDATION—and that is where you come in.

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We couldn’t do what we do without the help of prayerful and financial support. We rely completely on the generosity of people like you to provide the experienced, highly trained, and committed legal counsel that has served our clients well for over thirty years.

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