Woman dies after abortion . . . authorities refuse to take action

Source: LifeNews.com

An Alabama woman died in May after receiving services at West Alabama Women’s Center abortion clinic (WAWC) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Witnesses saw the woman stumbling out of the abortion clinic and leaning on another person because she was not able to walk on her own. Clinic employees confirmed that the woman died at a local hospital later that day.

Pro-lifers who regularly pray at the abortion mill noted that the only abortionist on duty that day was Dr. Louis Payne, who is over 80 years old. Payne was featured in the 2016 pro-abortion documentary “Trapped,” complaining that he often had to work 12-hour days because his schedule was so packed with abortions. It has been estimated that Payne is responsible for killing over 80,000 babies in his career. He retired in July 2020, just two months after the woman’s death.

Life Legal filed a complaint with the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) demanding an immediate, comprehensive investigation into WAWC and the patient’s death. We pointed out that the abortion clinic did not place a 911 call on behalf of the woman who died and it is unlikely that Dr. Payne provided her with any emergency care.

ADPH refuses to investigate the abortion mill since the woman was not transported directly to the hospital by ambulance. We are not surprised by this response, as we have filed numerous complaints with the Department alleging violations at WAWC and several Planned Parenthood abortion clinics that have not been adequately addressed by ADPH.

WAWC’s owner sold the clinic to the Yellowhammer Fund one week after the woman died. Yellowhamner is a radical pro-abortion group that has been plagued with questions about its transparency and accountability.

Some of WAWC’s violations include failing to document patient care and services, using expired medications and equipment, neglecting to examine patients for incomplete surgical abortions, and failing to determine fetal viability prior to abortion.

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office determined that because the woman’s death was “under medical supervision” it would not file criminal charges.

Life Legal Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda states, “ADPH’s refusal to do its legal and ethical duty to inspect Alabama’s abortion clinics is putting women’s lives at risk. We will continue to work with local pro-life groups to shut down these dangerous death traps.”

Life Legal is currently exploring legal options in this case.

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