Witness in PP trial: “They were scalping the babies”

Last week in court, our own Katie Short cross-examined Albin Rhomberg, who was sued by Planned Parenthood for his role as then board treasurer of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). CMP released the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives callously discuss ripping babies limb from limb while haggling over the price of their organs.

During the trial, PP execs have continued to express support for fetal organ and tissue harvesting and research, touting the value of promised cures for all kinds of conditions.

Attorney Short questioned Rhomberg about a “new phenomenon” he observed outside abortion clinics:

“Then in midmorning, they would see a new group of people would come. . . And they had containers. Sometimes they had bags of ice. They had other tools and equipment.

There were these rumors that they were collecting the bodies [of the aborted babies] for sale or for distribution in some way.

In some cases, the people noticed that the parts went out before the mother went out. She would come—[at] times, come staggering out later, typically throwing up in the bushes and being helped out of the place, after the baby parts had already gone into the FedEx truck.”

Rhomberg later learned how some of the baby parts were used:

“And they were attempting—they were using fetal—they were scalping the babies and taking their scalps and grafting them on to immune-suppressed mice, and then using various pharmaceuticals on these humanized mice to test the effect upon preventing or, I suppose you might say, treating baldness.”

Planned Parenthood and its abortion allies have been telling women that they can use their abortions for good by signing away their unborn children for research. This research is always unethical as it involves human beings who have no say in the matter. The research is often illegal, as in the harvesting of live, beating hearts we reported on last week. And so often the purpose of the research is intentionally misrepresented and only serves to further our own vanity. Abortionists have so little regard for the sanctity of human life that they think it is okay to scalp babies who are in the second and third trimesters in order to find a cure for baldness.

May God help us.

Please stand with Katie, Albin, and all of the attorneys and defendants in this case who have sacrificed so much to expose Planned Parenthood’s unethical, illegal, and misleading business practices. The trial is expected to go through at least the first week of November and we rely completely on your generous support to keep up the fight against the abortion cartel. Any donation you can give at this time is a huge help!