We will not forget

On Saturday, Vice President Kamala Harris posted a Tweet with a photo of herself smiling, telling people to “Enjoy the long weekend.” That was it. No mention of the real reason for Memorial Day. No reference to those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. 

Did she forget that the very office she holds is the fruit of the tree watered by the blood of a million American patriots? 

The holiday is called Memorial Day. Did she forget to ask herself why? 

I find it hard to believe this was a mere oversight.

VP Harris, when she was California Attorney General Harris, filed felony criminal charges against pro-lifers because they dared to speak out against the abortion cartel. VP Harris, when she was Senator Harris, co-sponsored legislation that would prohibit states from enacting restrictions on abortion. And two days after she promised to uphold the U.S. Constitution, VP Harris pledged to codify Roe v. Wade

This is a woman who consistently denies our Constitution, our fundamental freedoms, our federalist form of government, and now history itself. 

We will not forget.