We are STILL fighting for pro-life heroes who exposed BABY BODY PART sales….

We haven’t given up on the pro-life heroes who exposed Planned Parenthood’s grisly and illegal trade in baby body parts.  We are joining other attorneys and organizations in a motion before a panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stay issuance of the mandate and to modify decisions in the abortion mega-corporation’s actions against the Center for Medical Progress.

As you know, CMP’s undercover videos, beginning in 2015, rocked the abortion industry as nothing ever had before.  Pro-aborts like to say that the videos alleged wrongdoing.  In reality, they proved that Planned Parenthood was systematically violating federal law by peddling fetal tissue – including whole aborted cadavers, severed heads, internal organs, and limbs – for “valuable consideration.”  Planned Parenthood’s officers were caught on tape admitting their wrongdoing.  There was no ambiguity.

The videos also exposed the truth about the abortion cartel’s sick operations.  The way you and I talk about the weather, abortionists discussed their horrifying procedures in bloody anatomical detail.  America was nauseated.

The importance of these videos cannot be overestimated.  There can be little doubt that they contributed mightily to the eventual overthrow of Roe v. Wade.

Planned Parenthood and its allies struck back with lawsuits – and Planned Parenthood’s own machinations eventually led to unjust judgments of $2 million in damages and $14 million in attorney fees against pro-lifers.  We joined in appealing these decisions first to the Ninth Circuit and next by a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court – on the grounds that Planned Parenthood had suffered no actual damages.

The Supreme Court declined to grant certiorari and hear the case.  It looked as if there was no other option for the defense of CMP’s heroes.

Now we’ve found another option.

Since the decision of the Ninth Circuit against CMP’s appeal, a different panel of the same court ruled on the case of Project Veritas v. Schmidt – and found that undercover recording by Project Veritas is protected under the First Amendment.  In light of this ruling, we are urging the Ninth Circuit to “stay issuance of the mandate” (that is, enforcement of their decision) and ultimately to modify the decision in Planned Parenthood v. CMP.  If Project Veritas can legally go undercover and make surreptitious recordings, then so can CMP.

Please pray that our motion will be granted, that issuance of the mandate will be stayed, and that the heroes of CMP, who risked the unlimited wrath of the child-murder industry, will finally be granted the justice they so richly deserve.