VICTORY:  We SAVED Baby Olivia!

Last week, I told you about Baby Olivia*, who was nearly killed in a children’s hospital. Less than a week after Olivia was admitted, doctors told her mother they wanted to remove the baby’s ventilator because they thought she was “brain dead” and would never improve. Life Legal brought in a local attorney who immediately let the hospital know that Olivia was to continue to receive medical care and treatment to restore her health.

It is now one week later and Baby Olivia is already making progress. She requires much less ventilator support and her doctors say soon she will no longer need to be on the vent at all! She continues to move and is responsive to touch. Yesterday, two brain specialists visited the hospital to develop a plan for Baby Olivia’s recovery going forward. 

If the hospital had its way, Olivia would be dead.

Life Legal’s local attorney has been in regular communication with the hospital to make sure Olivia receives the care she needs. The attorney had to notify the hospital several times when Olivia’s blood gases reached dangerous levels because she was not properly monitored. And a few days ago, a nurse called security to try to remove Olivia’s mother from the room because she kept a camera running to record Olivia’s movements. The hospital had to back off because this type of recording is perfectly legal in the state where the hospital is located.

It has been a bumpy ride, but Olivia is alive!

We are so grateful for our team of attorneys and medical specialists who dropped everything to make sure Olivia’s life was protected. And we are so thankful for YOU! You make it possible for us to intervene on behalf of Baby Olivia and other vulnerable babies – born and unborn – whose lives are in danger.

*Name changed to protect the family’s privacy