VICTORY! Pro-Life Outreach Goes Forward at University in Seattle…!

Campus outreach is back in full swing!  Now that colleges and high schools have returned to in-person learning, it’s the perfect time for pro-life advocates also to get back on campus.  That’s exactly what our friends at Project Truth and Tiny Heartbeat Ministries had in mind.  They kicked off their Fall tour with a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  
But, as you may imagine, the universities are not greeting them with open arms.  In fact, the University of Washington told the groups that they were not allowed on campus without a formal student-group sponsor.  We are talking about the University of Washington at Seattle — located in one of the most liberal parts of the country, in a city that may be the Antifa capital.  After numerous attempts to secure a sponsor, pro-lifers found no one to work with them.  

You may recall that this university briefly sued the Center for Medical Progress in order to prevent revelations about its fetal tissue connection.  Not incidentally, the University of Washington possesses the largest known bank of baby body parts from induced abortion in the country, and probably in the world.  The university’s fetal tissue operatives specialize in dealing with late-term abortionists.   

Moreover, the university has received more than four million dollars of taxpayer money to perform bizarre Dr. Frankenstein experiments designed to compare fetal human eyes to the eyes of other animals. Frankenstein needed spare parts — and so apparently does the University of Washington.  What they don’t need and can’t tolerate is scrutiny.  

That’s why pro-life activists this year headed to the university’s comfy little combination of graveyard and laboratory.  

Having been denied their First Amendment rights, pro-lifers reached out to Life Legal for help.  Allison Aranda, Senior Staff Counsel, contacted the university and communicated with their attorneys.  As it turned out, the university had never enforced its sponsorship policy.  It was as dead a letter as has ever been scrawled. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a school try to bully pro-life advocates and keep them from speaking truth on their campuses.  Thankfully, Project Truth and Tiny Heartbeat Ministries were courageous and stood up for their free speech rights. 

The news gets even better!  Once on campus, pro-life advocates were threatened, had their property taken, and faced radical opposition, BUT…the police got their property back and defended their free speech rights.  Many great conversations transpired, including a touching encounter with a Chinese student who had immigrated to the United States with his mom to flee the one-child policy that killed four of his brothers and sisters.  He thanked the groups for being on the campus and for sharing the truth.  
We at Life Legal are just as thankful as that student.  It’s thanks to your prayers and support that groups like Project Truth and Tiny Heartbeat Ministries are able to continue their life-saving work on college and high school campuses.  And that work always translates into lives saved from abortion. 

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  1. We so appreciate everything you’ve done for us LLDF. I don’t know where we would be without you.
    For King Jesus!
    Andrew Kerin
    Executive Director
    Tiny Heartbeat Ministries

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