VICTORY! Pro-abort lawsuit DISMISSED!  Abortionists NOT PROUD of their “cherished rights….”

Pro-lifers protesting the construction of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill next to a public middle school

A Washington DC appellate court judge dismissed lawsuits against five pro-lifers who were sued for protesting outside a Planned Parenthood flagship abortion mill adjacent to a public middle school.

Two Rivers Public Charter School sued the pro-lifers on behalf of parents and students for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The trial court permitted Two Rivers to proceed with the lawsuit and we appealed. The Washington DC Court of Appeals held that Two Rivers did not have third party standing to sue on behalf of parents and students and ordered the lawsuits dismissed.

Life Legal affiliate attorney John Garza represented Jonathan Darnel, who held up signs and images of babies killed by abortion outside the abortion mill.

During the final hearing in the case, the appellate judge asked Attorney Garza if he agreed that images of aborted babies were disturbing. Garza answered, “Not at all. The images are the product of the other side’s cherished ‘constitutional rights.’ You would think they would be proud to display them.”

The judge did not respond, but dismissed the lawsuits shortly thereafter.