VICTORY:  Pastor ESCAPES facility that meant to terminate him…

Life Legal attorneys have been in court over the past two weeks on behalf of Rev. Samuel*, a California pastor who was declared “brain dead” by doctors. The hospital had refused to perform a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain, which resulted in a serious brain injury. Two weeks before the hospital did the brain death exam, it contacted an organ donor company without notifying the Rev. Samuel’s family. 

The family contacted us because the hospital planned to withdraw his ventilator immediately after the brain death declaration. We were able to get a court order requiring the hospital to provide treatment for two additional weeks, allowing the family to find an alternate hospital for him. Initially, the hospital thwarted the family’s efforts to effect a transfer, saying that he was not stable enough. The first hospital also refused to provide complete medical records, including information about the brain death exam. 

Our attorneys pushed back. 

On Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Samuel was transferred by ambulance without incident to a different hospital. Doctors there said he was on several unnecessary medications and that his condition was stable. The family has arranged for him to be transferred to a long-term care facility where he will receive treatment. 

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  2. Oh my! It is good to hear about any success against the murderous hospice system. I will pray for the pastor’s recovery.

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