Victory! Justice delayed but not denied!

John and Ruth Kovalcik in front of Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans, Louisiana

John and Ruth Kovalcik have been faithfully sidewalk counseling outside the Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans, Louisiana for over ten years.  They pray for the women entering the abortion mill and offer caring alternatives to help mothers choose life for their precious babies.  They also volunteer at the local crisis pregnancy center.  As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

On July 10, 2020, the Kovalciks, along with several other pro-life advocates, were sidewalk counseling in front of the abortion clinic.  On that day, they met fierce opposition.  Numerous escorts lined the sidewalk and tried to stifle the life-saving efforts of the pro-lifers.  John and the others were not deterred by the intimidating antics of the pro-death crowd.  They fervently prayed, held their signs, and offered hope to the women and life to the babies scheduled to be killed that day.

On this particular day, the escorts went one step too far.  As the pro-death entourage walked pass John, Ruth, and the other counselors, Linda Kocher pushed John with her shoulder and knocked him off of the sidewalk.  John turned and looked back to see who had shoved him when Kocher mouthed off, “What are you going to do about it?”  John and Ruth walked away and left when the other sidewalk counselors left.

Despite the numerous witnesses who saw Kocher shoulder John, the deathscorts called the police and accused John of threatening Kocher!  After viewing video of the incident, the police did not think that a crime had occurred.  But the abortion mill volunteers would not relent.  Kocher demanded that charges be filed against John.  Months later John was issued a citation for disturbing the peace and summoned to court.  

Kocher showed up to court with a pro-abortion attorney demanding that John be prosecuted and held responsible for “touching her.”  The deputy city attorney in court that day set the matter for trial and the case continued.  John, Ruth, and the pro-life community in New Orleans knew the truth and trusted that it would come to light and justice would prevail.  

In the meantime, Life Legal worked feverishly to secure an attorney who would represent John and defend his efforts and reputation in court.  Attorney Bruce Lizana was on the case, and last month one of his associates appeared in court to fight for John.  This time, the deputy city attorney reviewed the facts and threw out the entire case against John!  

Through the entire ordeal, John and his beloved wife Ruth, did not fear the earthly persecution for their valiant efforts to save babies and help women.  They carried on and with your prayers and support, praise God, justice was ultimately achieved.