URGENT! Help fight baby body part harvesting going on right now….

Newborn baby head measuring in hospital

Way back in 2015, heroic undercover journalists from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposed Planned Parenthood’s sickening side business of peddling baby body parts….

CMP’s videos “alleged” nothing.  They proved that Planned Parenthood was selling limbs, hearts, livers, brains, and whole cadavers from abortions at every stage of pregnancy!

The nation was shocked.  At first, pro-abort officeholders and media mouthpieces didn’t know what to say.  Even Hillary Clinton admitted that she found the revelations “disturbing.”

Then pro-abortion forces ralliedand CMP’s journalists came under furious attack!

We at the Life Legal Defense Foundation have been fighting for them ever since.

What few realize even among our own supporters is that baby body part exploitation continues to this very day in laboratories across the country.

Perversion – and Pain…

Tufts of hair from second-trimester babies grow on the back of lab mice. Source: Nature.com

At the University of Pittsburgh, researchers scalp babies aborted at 18-20 weeks and graft the scalps onto rodents

At the University of North Carolina (UNC), researchers create “humanized mice” implanted with the livers and thymuses of second trimester babies.

A human lung derived from an aborted child grows on a lab mouse. Source: Nature Biotechnology

Last year, UNC researchers implanted pieces of the lungs of aborted babies onto humanized mice. The babies’ lungs came from Advanced Bioscience Resources, a body parts wholesaler referred for criminal prosecution following CMP’s undercover investigation.

At the University of San Franciscoone of Planned Parenthood’s customersresearchers have been performing twisted experiments involving aborted baby body parts for a long time. 

And they’re still doing Frankenstein-freakish things to the poor, tortured bodies of the abortion cartel’s victims.

One example shows how eager the abortion advocates at UCSF are to pervert the very essence of human dignity….

UCSF ghouls actually transplanted the reproductive and digestive organs of aborted human children into mice.  No “cures” were produced – as pro-aborts often claim.  These vile operations were performed just to see what would happen to the “humanized mice.”

To add insult to injury, the rodents involved were given benefit of anesthesia.  Not so the babies….

Instead, UCSF’s “researchers” insisted, as they always insist, on the most painful abortion procedures available, literally tearing living babies limb from limb and organ from organ – because that’s how you get the highest-quality tissues!

New Pro-Life Heroes Face Down Depraved Pseudo-Scientists….

Just as citizen journalists from CMP worked against Planned Parenthood’s schemes, a new set of pro-life heroes has descended on UCSF to confront the madness.

These brave activists, sent by the well-known Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, have formed a new spinoff organization – the Society for Ethical Research – and established a Pro-Life Mission House on site as base of operations.

Survivors called on Life Legal for backup when they first decided on this move.  They knew they would need legal representation – after UCSF, just like Planned Parenthood, struck back with overwhelming force in order to silence them.

And now UCSF has struck its first foul blow!

Pro-Abort University:  What’s the First Amendment to Us?

In the middle of November, three activists were arrested outside UCSF’s Zuckerberg Hospital – just for protesting on public property.

And, yes, the hospital where these outrageously-unethical experiments occur is named after THAT Zuckerberg.

In keeping with prior arrangement, Life Legal rushed to the assistance of the pro-life heroes.  We are representing two out of the three.

These were clearly illegal arrests.  Activists were targeted for free speech explicitly protected by the First Amendment.

But mad scientists who cackle and rub their hands together at the thought of babies in pain and humanized mice don’t care much about the First Amendment.  They intend to intimidate all opposition into silence.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Life Legal needs to get charges against these defendants dismissed.  And we may need to sue in order to prevent future intimidation!

Life Legal needs to take action – and we need you to help us!

We estimate that we need to raise $87,000 as soon as possible in order to defend activists challenging UCSF’s baby body part regime – while attending to our many other pro-life obligations.

Because UCSF is incredibly well-funded, and because Survivors are in this fight for the long haul, we are especially seeking gifts of up to $1,000 from pro-life stalwarts who can afford to consider such generosity.

But we would be truly grateful for any amount you could afford to give….

Stop the Madness that Passes for Medicine….

The nauseating “research” conducted at UCSF is the logical result of treating little babies as throwaway items.  And UCSF’s just-commenced intimidation campaign is the logical result of the conspiracy of silence that surrounds and protects the abortion industry.

Don’t let these injustices continue!

By helping Life Legal, you’ll help the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust expose UCSF’s evildoing.

In the long run, we can defeat the abortion culture – but only if pro-lifers work together.

Please join us in fighting the exploitation of baby body parts that is going on at UCSF right now!

Yours for a pro-life future,

Alexandra Snyder
Executive Director

P. S. Could you please send your most generous contribution today?  We’re fighting the insane baby body part exploitation that’s going on at the University of California, San Francisco, now as you are reading these lines….