Urgent! Defending the First Right: Saving Pro-Life Clinics from Savage Assault

LIFE: it is the first right listed in the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of all other rights. Life Legal is dedicated to protecting that first freedom. Since 1989, Life Legal has defended life and life’s advocates—including pro-life pregnancy resource centers on the front lines offering tangible help to moms and families in need.  

The culture of death tells women that children are a burden. In fact, in one of our current cases, the judge actually asked for briefing on whether a right to abortion could be found in the 13th Amendment, which prohibits slavery. The judge cited articles claiming unplanned pregnancy is a form of slavery – with abortion being the only path to freedom. This is a lie from the pit of hell.

It’s why we are working to help pro-life pregnancy centers. They combat that lie by providing medical care as well as tangible resources like diapers, baby clothes, and even housing. Pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics walk with women who are facing the emotional, social, and financial challenges that can come with unplanned pregnancy. They provide a community in which mothers and fathers are safe and loved.

Before attending law school, I was the director of a pregnancy center in California and I continue to have a passion for these selfless ministries. Our center was often attacked by the abortion lobby – including NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and EMILY’s List – but we largely had the support of elected officials.

That has changed. Abortion lobbyists spent over $150 million during last year’s mid-term election cycle to elect abortion extremists to office and pass radical “reproductive freedom” amendments that create a constitutional right to unrestricted abortion through birth. And they are using their considerable influence to savagely target pro-life pregnancy centers.

Life Legal regularly receives inquiries from pregnancy centers regarding pending legislation that restricts their speech or that creates draconian regulatory burdens. We help with licensing issues, staffing questions, harassment from pro-aborts, and a myriad of other challenges. We filed anti-discrimination lawsuits in Texas and California on behalf of pregnancy centers and the women they serve.

Life Legal has helped over a thousand pregnancy resource centers across America keep sharing hope and help to mothers in need—saving countless lives. Our nationwide network of attorneys allows us to handle a wide array of cases, while our lean, agile organizational structure lets us pivot quickly to protect pregnancy resource centers wherever they are threatened.