Update on Baby Israel

Last Thursday evening, Life Legal obtained a temporary court order prohibiting a Sacramento area hospital from withdrawing life-sustaining care to two-year old baby Israel. On Friday morning, we were back in court again. The judge granted the family’s request for a one-week extension of the order to find a physician to provide an independent evaluation of Israel’s condition.

Life Legal’s Alexandra Snyder visited baby Israel in the hospital this weekend. She happened to be there when the doctor came by to provide Israel’s family with an update on his condition. Israel’s oxygen levels and blood gases are normal, his organs are functioning well, and he is stable. His lungs are clear and he was scheduled to receive an increase in nutrition. The family is working with an outside physician who is currently reviewing Israel’s medical records.

A local CBS News affiliate interviewed Israel’s parents yesterday.

This is an extraordinarily difficult time for Israel’s parents and they are trusting God day by day to help them get through this. They—and we—continue to pray for a miracle. Life Legal is honored to stand with this family as they fight for Israel’s life.

Israel’s parents are so grateful for your prayers. Please keep praying for this family—and please consider making a donation to help Life Legal defend others who are unable to speak for themselves. We have seen an increase in calls asking for assistance in cases involving the refusal to provide life-sustaining care for the elderly and the very young.