Update: U.S. Justice Dept. Appeals Court Decision in Pine

Mary Susan Pine thought her legal battles were over when a Florida judge dismissed all charges against her based on the complete lack of evidence presented by Attorney General Eric Holder. After all, Judge Ryskamp openly chastised Holder, questioning his motives for bringing the charges in the first place and suggesting a conspiracy between the government and the abortion clinic to violate Ms. Pine’s free speech rights. The Department of Justice disregarded the court’s sound ruling and has now filed an appeal. Despite the struggling economy and skyrocketing federal debt, apparently, the U.S. Government sees fit to expend unlimited taxpayer dollars pursuing these baseless charges against Ms. Pine. Once again, the Obama administration is proving that it will stop at nothing to silence the pro-life message and will relentlessly work in collaboration with the abortion industry to accomplish this end. Read more about other FACE cases.