They were FIRED for being PRO-LIFE . . .

. . . Now they’re FIGHTING BACK!

Passmore Thyfault

Sally Passmore and Paula Thyfault worked together at 21st Century Oncology in Jacksonville, Florida. Both are dedicated pro-life advocates and participate in pro-life activities after work and on weekends.

Abortionist Patrick Kelly of the “All Florida Women’s Center,” whose abortion mill is adjacent to 21st Century Oncology, became aware of Sally’s participation in anti-abortion rallies. For four years, Kelly complained to Sally’s supervisor every time protesters gathered in front of his abortion clinic—even though Sally and Paula had never protested at Kelly’s facility.

One morning, Sally, Paula, and several of their co-workers observed an ambulance pulling into the parking lot. They watched as a woman was wheeled out of the abortion facility and put into the ambulance. Paula legally captured the incident on her personal mobile phone. The video later appeared on a pro-life website.

Screenshot from Paula’s video of a woman transported from Patrick Kelly’s abortion facility by ambulance.

Three months after the video was taken, Sally and Paula were called to separate meetings with 21st Century’s Human Resources Department. When asked why she took the video footage, Paula explained that she is pro-life because of her religious beliefs. She was told that “not everyone has the same beliefs.”

Paula and Sally were immediately suspended and ordered off the property. A few days later, they were fired. None of the other employees who stopped to watch the emergency were disciplined.

The women filed a religious discrimination lawsuit in federal court. 21st Century has been trying to get the case dismissed and recently filed for bankruptcy, resulting in months of delays.

Last week, the judge ruled that the case could proceed to trial! Now that we have a green light from the judge, Life Legal is making this case a top priority.

Sally and Paula have endured so much—the humiliation of being fired, loss of income and benefits, and more—and Life Legal is committed to pursuing justice for them and for others who have been illegally discriminated against because of their religious and pro-life beliefs.

So much is at stake and we are very grateful for your faithful prayers and support!