The US Department of Justice is at it again!

This time they’re promoting the recent settlement reached in U.S.A. v. Scott (11-cv-01430).  Ms. Scott was accused of placing her hand on a person’s shoulder as she walked alongside the individual on one occasion and tapping a man on the back on another occasion – normal human interaction between individuals communicating while in public.  Court documents reveal that the government demanded that Ms. Scott pay $15,000 to vindicate the public interest that was threatened by these two innocent actions.  In addition, the government asked that Ms. Scott pay each of the individuals involved a whopping $5,000 for simply being touched.  The message the Department of Justice is sending by demanding these exorbitant fines from peaceful sidewalk counselors is clear: if you don’t pay up, we will prosecute you in criminal court and put you in jail.  This is government sanctioned extortion and it must stop.  Continue to check our website and follow us on Twitter for updates on the other FACE cases.  If you want to help LLDF defend people like Ms. Scott, you can make a donation today.