Tell America’s Top Cop to Investigate PP

San Francisco, California, USA. 18th Dec, 2015. David Daleiden, lead investigator with the Center for Medical Progress, appeared in federal court Dec. 18, 2015 as a judge decides whether to maintain a temporary restraining order preventing Daleiden and his team from releasing videos they surreptitiously recorded at National Abortion Federation conferences in the last two years as part of Daleiden's ''Human Capital Project. © ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Live News

Last week, we let you know that David Daleiden is facing a fourth lawsuit because he dared to expose Planned Parenthood’s role in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts. I posted the information on Life Legal’s Facebook page and several people commented that David’s videos were “doctored” or “selectively edited.”

I would dismiss these comments, except that I recently had a conversation with a friend I hadn’t seen in some time and she too expressed doubt as to whether the videos had been altered. This young woman is pro-life, but she simply could not believe that anyone would actually sell the parts of real human beings.

video-iconWith each video release, the Center for Medical Progress published two videos:

1) A summary of the conversations that took place. These focused on the payment of money for aborted babies and altering the abortion procedure in order to harvest intact “specimens,” both of which are violations of federal law.

2) The complete footage of the conversations. The uncut videos include small talk, ordering food, leaving to use the restroom, and other activities not related to evidence of criminal behavior. The removal of this peripheral footage did not change the substance of the videos.

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Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood has been successful in getting the focus off of its criminal culpability by repeating the bogus mantra that the videos were “heavily edited.”

The nation’s chief law enforcement officer responsible for investigating the abortion cartel—US Attorney General Loretta Lynch—won’t even bother to watch the videos. And to date, not one Planned Parenthood employee has been charged with violating the federal fetal tissue trafficking statute.

video-iconIf you haven’t seen the videos since they were first released—or if you’ve never watched them—please watch them and:

1) Note how eagerly Planned Parenthood talks about receiving money for baby body parts: “I want a Lamborghini.”

2) Observe the utter callousness with which these transactions are discussed: “Some people want lower extremities too, which, that’s simple. I mean that’s easy.” Sure. It’s “easy” to rip the legs off of a tiny, defenseless human being.

3) Remember that trading the parts of unborn babies for “valuable consideration” (i.e., money) is a federal crime.

4) Demand that the Attorney General hold Planned Parenthood accountable for its criminal actions. You can contact her here.

Please help Life Legal continue to defend David Daleiden and expose the TRUTH about Planned Parenthood! 

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