Supreme Court Brief

Supreme Court Brief on the Free Speech Rights of Pro-Life Advocates

Massachusetts singles out pro-life free speech for suppression!   The tyrannical commonwealth orders pro-life sidewalk counselors – who actually save lives from abortion every day – to stay 35 feet back from the border of every murder mill’s property!

Pro-life heroine Eleanor McCullen challenged the blatantly unconstitutional law.  Incredibly, the lower court upheld the law – on the theory that pro-lifers have a seamy “secondary” effect on the neighborhood!

Supreme CourtBut now the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Eleanor McCullen’s impassioned appeal.  LLDF has been helping Eleanor from the beginning and is now adding a friend-of-the-court brief that will make even the liberals on the court take notice.

Click here to read the brief – signed by LLDF and pro-life warrior Walter Hoye.

You can get involved by supporting free speech rights on the front lines. Donate to LLDF’s defense of pro-life sidewalk counselors, who fight the difficult battle most of us can’t fight, and who save babies from the murder mills every day of the year.

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