Sixth CMP Video Shows Baby Parts Sold WITHOUT Mother’s Consent!

Sixth CMP Video Shows Baby Parts
Sold WITHOUT Mother’s Consent!

High-Pressure, Demand-Driven Procurement Process Corrupts Ethics at Every Level
Tissue-Farming Abortionists Speed up Conveyor Belt of Death
Unlicensed, Unqualified Personnel Drafted to Perform Medical Procedures

The sixth and latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress presents evidence that Planned Parenthood peddles baby parts even when the mother refuses consent.

Most of the video, which runs almost eleven minutes, consists of testimony from Holly O’Donnell, a licensed phlebotomist and former “procurement technician” at Stem Express, a fetal-tissue profiteer that buys many of the baby parts produced in Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

Describing the process by which she and her co-workers obtained fetal body parts, O’Donnell makes it clear that signatures on “consent” forms are extracted from women who are not sure they are pregnant, who have not yet opted to abort, and who are in highly-distraught emotional states that prevent them from reading and reflecting on the form.

Moreover, O’Donnell tells of one harrowing case in which the mother refused consent, and another StemExpress employee proceeded to collect the late-term body parts anyhow. O’Donnell testifies that this was not an isolated incident.

Beyond this specific point, O’Donnell presents a picture of the fetal-tissue procurement industry far different from the one maintained by Planned Parenthood’s devoted defenders. The marketing of tissue is not a restrained, well-policed way of deriving something beneficial from the tragedy of abortion, but instead a high-pressure business driven by ferocious demand. Planned Parenthood does not merely ship tissue off to Stem Express.  It invites Stem Express into its halls to pursue shopping lists of baby parts, then assists procurement specialists in targeting individual pregnancies.

O’Donnell’s employers told her that getting the required number of the required parts “… is not an option.  It’s a demand.”  

According to O’Donnell, the demand-driven procurement process entails a number of further violations of medical standards:

  • Abortionists such as Ron Berman, M.D., Medical Director of Planned Parenthood’s back-alley abortion mill in Fresno, Calif., work at conveyor-belt pace, without concern for patient comfort, in order to keep the supply of parts moving.
  • “Procurement techs” coldly ignore the screams and even the adverse medical symptoms (e.g., vomiting) of patients while pressuring them to sign on the dotted line.
  • Planned Parenthood allows unlicensed and unqualified personnel to perform medical procedures such as taking blood and collecting tissue samples.

CMP’s videos have demolished Planned Parenthood’s denials twice as fast as Planned Parenthood can mouth them. And CMP has even more videotaped evidence, all of which should be made public. However, two Planned Parenthood partners are suing CMP in California to keep some CMP footage from the public.  One of these plaintiffs is Holly O’Donnell’s former employer, StemExpress.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is proud of the work of our own attorney Catherine Short, who is representing CMP and David Daleiden in the two lawsuits. The lawsuits seek to silence CMP with injunctions and punish it with money damages for alleged breaches of non-disclosure agreements and California recording laws. Two judges—one state and one federal—have granted orders temporarily barring CMP from releasing video it may have of plaintiffs, pending further hearings later in August.

Discussion of the First Amendment implications of the controversial orders can be found at Popehat (Ken White)  and by Eugene Volokh.