Safe Legal Abortion

In 1999, Senator Ray Haynes carried Senate Bill 149, “The Sharon Hamptlon Act”, inspired by the case of Sharon Hamptlon, who bled to death from a punctured uterus at the hands of abortionist Bruce Steir. She died while being driven home by her mother. Her three year old son was in the car.

The Act would have protected women from “safe, legal abortion” by requiring abortion clinics to follow the same standards as other outpatient clinics.

For example, things like emergency equipment would have been required should complications arise from the abortion procedure. Unfortunately, SB 149 failed passage in the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services by a vote of 2 to 6. The aye votes were Senators Haynes and Mountjoy. The no votes came from Senators Escutia, Hughes, Polanco, and Solis, three of which are women. It appears that these Senators were more concerned with the pro-abortion lobby’s profit margin than they are with the lives of women and children. Moreover, the committee analysis of SB 149 implied that abortion services are marginalized by the anti-abortion protests that go on at abortion clinics, not the staff that actually perform abortions inside the closed doors of the clinic.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Vilia Sherman saw things a little differently. She sentenced abortionist Bruce Steir, accused of gross negligence and a lack of due caution, to one year in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Sharon Hamptlon. Steir was immediately taken into custody.

Prosecutor Kennis Clark argued that Steir failed to call emergency services because he was already on probation for previous allegations of negligence. 68-year-old Steir admitted making a mistake but said he was unaware of Sharon’s condition. [Six months of the one-year sentence was immediately suspended for 1,000 hours of community service(?!)—Ed.]