Active Killing: What the Law Allows

Complimentary Seminar
Active Killing: What the Law Allows

This course is no longer available for MCLE credit, but the materials are made available here for purposes of personal reference. Attorneys wishing to obtain MCLE credit for taking this course may submit the course materials to their state’s bar on an individual basis using these forms. For more information see California MCLE Education Options or contact your State Bar Association.

Credit(s):  0 1.75 hours general, self-study credit (no subfield credit)
Jurisdiction:  California MCLE
Duration:  1 hour, 45 minutes
Access:  Free of charge, available until January 2015
Record Date:  January 11, 2013

From Robert Wendland to Terri Schiavo, the past several decades have seen a proliferation of conflicts regarding whether or not to provide life-sustaining care to certain individuals. These controversies have been fueled by conflicting ideologies and cultural forces and the acceptance of the belief that hastening death is an acceptable form of “treatment.”

This course, entitled “ACTIVE KILLING: WHAT THE LAW ALLOWS,” seeks to prepare the attorney for the legal issues that arise out of these disputes. The training provides both philosophical backing for a pro-life approach to medical decision making as well as practical resources on how to litigate these cases.


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