Protesting AG Harris’ Raid of David’s Home

Grove at Rally.jpgLife Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder with Assembly Member Shannon Grove at the California Department of Justice to protest Attorney General Kamala Harris’ raid of David Daleiden’s home. The AG sent 11 state agents to David’s small apartment to seize papers, computers, and other personal effects.

It is NOT okay for the state’s top law enforcement officer to raid someone’s home simply because they exercised their First Amendment rights. By the way, similar types of undercover videos are routinely produced by The Humane Society and other organizations to expose unlawful practices in meatpacking plants–yet their videographers’ homes have never been invaded. Public policy encourages this type of whistleblowing as a public benefit.

Assemblywoman Grove is one of only a few California legislators who supports the protection of human life at all stages–from conception to natural death.

Here is her speech: