Promoting a Culture of Life

Human Life Alliance (HLA) is a non-profit, non-denominational, pro-life organization dedicated to protecting human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Founded on April 2, 1977, by dedicated pro-life volunteers, HLA operates out of a small office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. HLA seeks to educate all people on life issues by:

—Raising awareness of the humanity of the unborn child and exposing the gruesome realities of abortion.

—Opposing euthanasia in all its forms, both active and passive, and fighting for the protection of all human life, including the terminally ill, elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable.

—Promoting chastity, abstinence until marriage, and educating on the errors and health risks of the “safe-sex” promotion.

HLA’s priority project is to publish and distribute advertising supplements, focusing on abortion, euthanasia, and chastity, through mainstream media and college newspapers. Reaching a combined circulation of nearly 30 million copies over the past 14 years, these extremely powerful and creative advertising supplements are the cause of vigorous debate on high school and college campuses across the nation receiving widespread acclaim.

She’s a Child, Not a “Choice”, the 20th anniversary edition of HLA’s very first publication, is designed to further inform those who are already pro-life about the realities of abortion, as well as increase awareness of the personhood of the preborn child. This publication covers topics never seen before in other HLA publications, including stem cells, in vitro fertilization, and eugenic abortion. She’s a Child, Not a “Choice” equips prolifers with the tools they need to know their stance and engage with pro-abortion minded people. HLA hopes that this piece will be used in churches and pro-life groups and organizations. Printable/reproducible files may be downloaded from http://www.

Powerful Pro-Life Literature Representative articles:

  • What is the Key Question?
  • Shouldn’t the Law Protect Everyone? by Keith Mason
  • Follow the Logic by Scott Klusendorf
  • Preborn Children, the Law and Personhood by Gregory J. Roden
  • Peter’s Contribution: Disability Rights and Human Worth by Mary Kellet
  • Women’s Health After Abortion by Georgette Forney
  • Stem Cell Research: Opening Pandora’s Box
  • Abortion Boom and Bust by Dennis Howard
  • Persons Not Property by Walter Hoye