Pro-lifers in court for rescuing babies

Fr. Fidelis Moscinsci, one of the Rescuers arrested on March 19, still holding a red rose

Four “Red Rose Rescuers” appeared in court in Washington DC this morning on charges of unlawfully entering Capital Women’s Services, a late-term abortion clinic operated by notorious abortionist Steven Brigham.

The rescuers went to the clinic to let women know of the dangers of abortion and to provide them with one last opportunity to choose life for their babies. They are called Red Rose Rescuers because they bring a red rose, with a written prayer attached, for each woman inside.

Capital Women’s Services has a one-star rating on the social networking site Yelp (see below). One star is Yelp’s lowest possible rating. Women called the facility “filthy” and “disgusting,” saying it should be “banned from operation.” Red Rose Rescuers have filed complaints against the abortion mill, but the DC Department of Health has failed to take any action.

Capital Women’s Services advertises that it kills babies up to 36-weeks gestation. It is part of American Women’s Services, a network of abortion mills run by Brigham, who has a long history of botched abortions. Brigham has been called “the worst abortionist in America”—even worse than the notorious Kermit Gosnell, who was sentenced to life in prison for severing the spinal cords of babies born alive during abortion.

Brigham has faced criminal charges, numerous medical board investigations, health department citations, client and staff complaints, and the revocation of medical licenses in at least five states—yet he continues to profit off the blood of innocent babies. Just weeks ago, he lost his appeal to restore his license in New Jersey. He was found guilty of gross negligence for starting third-trimester abortions in New Jersey and then transferring women to a Maryland facility to deliver the dead babies in order to circumvent state law. Brigham was charged with murder in Maryland for storing the bodies of 35 babies in a freezer, but was never convicted because the state’s expert witness refused to testify after being pressured from pro-abortion groups.

The Rescuers will be back in court on May 31.

Please take a stand with Fr. Fidelis, the Red Rose Rescuers, and so many other pro-life heroes who are willing to sacrifice their freedom to prevent women and babies from becoming victims of the abortion holocaust. This is a critical time in the fight for LIFE! 

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