Pro-Life Leader TARGETED with VICIOUS MEDIA LIES . . . !

Pro-aborts often claim that pro-lifers don’t care about women. Carol Everett has spent the last 10 years proving them wrong. She created a network of pro-life clinics called The Heidi Group to provide health care to pregnant women in Texas.

Carol began her career in the abortion industry and operated several lucrative abortion mills. When she became a Christian, she knew she could no longer profit from killing innocent children and dedicated her life to ending abortion.

In 2016, Carol was invited to apply for state grants that had formerly been awarded only to Planned Parenthood and other abortionists. Through a combination of state funding and private donations, The Heidi Group was able to see over 30,000 patients per year, making it a formidable threat to Planned Parenthood’s abortion-centric model.

Instead of applauding Carol for providing high-quality women’s health care, pro-aborts went after her with a vengeance. Pro-abortion bureaucrats within state agencies colluded with media operatives to destroy The Heidi Group. They maliciously accused Carol of fraud. Bureaucrats fed this false information to select media outlets that were only too happy to report that The Heidi Group’s attempt to create a pro-life alternative to Planned Parenthood had failed.

The state then abruptly terminated The Heidi Group’s contracts without cause or explanation. A recent article admitted that “the state was under intense scrutiny from abortion groups and other advocates for contracting with The Heidi Group.”

Last July, after subjecting Carol to a grueling, three-year audit, the state finally acknowledged that the allegations of fraud were flat out wrong.

But the damage was done.

The Heidi Group had to curtail some of its services because its physicians could not continue to provide health care that was no longer covered by grant funding. Instead, the funding went to Planned Parenthood, which is exactly what the pro-aborts wanted.

Carol also suffered immeasurable damage to her reputation because of the blatant lies circulated by pro-abortion bureaucrats and published by media outlets — including The Texas Tribune, which is subsidized by Planned Parenthood.

In March, Life Legal affiliate attorney Ed Watt sued state agencies and several individuals for violating Carol’s constitutional and statutory rights. One of the defendants is Phyllis Morgan, a former Heidi Group employee, who was arrested for illegally accessing and altering Heidi Group documents and conspiring with pro-abortion bureaucrats.

Last year, Texas passed House Bill 1280, which would criminalize abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe. With the possibility that Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned, The Heidi Group is more essential than ever to ensure that pregnant women have access to compassionate, pro-life health care.