Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) applauds federal authorities who have indicted abortion advocate Theodore Shulman on charges of terrorist threats against pro-life leaders. The FBI has charged the 49-year-old self-proclaimed “pro-choice terrorist” with six counts of communicating interstate threats against pro-lifers.

In 2009 Shulman left a threatening voice mail message with LLDF Legal Director, Catherine Short. Also threatened by Shulman was Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, a regular LLDF client. Newman stated “Finally, this self-called ‘pro-choice terrorist,’ Ted Shulman, has been indicted for several death threats against pro-life leaders, including myself, and . . . he will probably spend a very long time behind bars. I hope it sends a clear message to those who perpetrate violence against peaceful, non-violent pro-life people.”

It appears the mainstream media doesn’t yet understand the “clear message:” Just this week the Associated Press reported that they have obtained government records that show in slightly over two years the Obama Justice Department has filed six lawsuits under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), mostly to seek injunctions and fines. LLDF Executive Director Dana Cody stated, “The fact that the AP either didn’t or couldn’t find records of similar prosecutions against abortion advocates shows the unequal nature of FACE. LLDF’s work doesn’t come without risks. My life was threatened when LLDF challenged implementation of Proposition 71, the California initiative that created California’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine; unrelated to FACE but a death threat, nonetheless. It’s time to start reporting and prosecuting equally—justice demands it.”