Pro-lifers were aware of the dishonesty inherent in the language of abortion apologists even before the insanity of Roe v. Wade began to govern back in 1973.  And the same dishonesty persists today, after Roe has been filed under the heading DEFUNCT by a more judicious U.S. Supreme Court.

Every pro-lifer knows, for example, that “pro-choice” is a profoundly deceptive construction.  Pro-which-choice?  Scratch a “pro-choicer” and you will find determined opposition to all kinds of personal choices, as became abundantly clear when the most virulent of “pro-choice” babblers insisted on mandatory submission to COVID vaccines in order to participate in the most basic procedures of an open society.  The only “choice” defended by “pro-choicers” is the choice to destroy an innocent child.

What many don’t realize is that “abortion” itself is a euphemism for the kind of child murder commonly practiced where the malevolent legacy of Roe still dominates.

In Latin, aboriri means to miscarry, so an abortion is a miscarriage, pure and simple.  This is why people used to refer to “induced abortion” in contrast to “spontaneous abortion.”  The idea is that the abortionist merely induces a miscarriage, though in circumstances that tend to lead to the death of the miscarried child.  And many ancient abortifacient drugs actually had this exact effect. 

The use of the word “abortion” in this sense has been used to pitch one particular argument for the permissibility of prenatal child-killing.  Hey, the murder apologist tells us, the “fetus” may have some sort of abstract right to life, but it certainly doesn’t have any right to any “pregnant person’s” body!  Why, as long as it’s in someone else’s uterus, it’s a “parasite”!  And it’s turning its “host” into a slave!  Therefore, the “pregnant person” has a perfect right to expel the invader from his, her, or their body…!  (Add more blah, blah, blah here according to taste.)

This argument is indeed ridiculous, since it denies the nature of human reproduction and identifies every member of the human race as a former parasite.  But my point is that “abortion” as currently practiced does not merely expel its victim from the mother’s womb.  It does not merely induce miscarriage.

Instead, it uses corrosive chemicals to burn the baby alive.  Or it uses a suction aspirator to slice the baby up into little pieces.  Or it uses main strength to dismember the baby in the mother’s womb.  Or it partially delivers the late-term baby, uses a pair of scissors to penetrate the baby’s skull, removes the baby’s brain through the aperture thus created, and draws the deflated head, with baby attached, finally into the abortionist’s absolute power, to be thrown away like so much garbage, or harvested for the delectation of pseudo-scientific ghouls.

The abortionists of today isn’t just a heartless feminist cop who cries:  Out of that body, you!  He’s a sadist who inflicts active harm and pain on a helpless victim.  What he says is:  Die, die, die!

So “abortion” is truly in most cases a euphemism and an obfuscation.  Abortionists nowadays do not merely induce miscarriage.

The grisly reality of abortion is only one thing that the dishonesty of the abortion culture seeks to conceal.  And it is only one of the truths that pro-lifers are obliged to proclaim.

However, exactly because the abortion industry relies so heavily on deception to maintain the unresting operation of its machinery of death, it simply cannot bear to allow pro-lifers to proclaim anything.  It is compelled by its own twisted logic to silence all opposition.  That makes proclaiming the truth a potentially costly apostolate for pro-lifers.

This is where the Life Legal Defense Foundation comes in.  Yes, we ourselves engage in educational activities to counter the pro-abortion lies.  But, perhaps even more important, we rush to defend those who proclaim the pro-life truth in places where pro-aborts most seek to silence it.  We are especially devoted to defending pro-life prayer warriors, protesters, and sidewalk counselors — because we know that these people actually save babies every day from the gaping maw of the abortion idol.