Please pray for Life Legal cases

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The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

  • Please pray for an elderly woman who was denied nutrition and hydration in a Wisconsin hospital. The woman does not have a terminal disease. She is responsive and breathing on her own. She had to undergo a procedure recently and doctors did not believe she would survive, so they placed her on “comfort care” with no food or water. When the woman survived the procedure, the hospital continued to insist she be starved and dehydrated to death. Local Life Legal attorneys were able to get her nutrition and hydration restored, but her attending physician has refused to monitor her care.
  • May: Life Legal attorneys continue to depose Planned Parenthood officials in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress.
  • May 31: Red Rose Rescue hearing in Washington DC (Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, Will Goodman, Matthew Connolly and Patrice Woodworth)
  • June 11: Hearing in Life Legal’s challenge to California’s assisted suicide law.
  • July 17: Hearing in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress involving the release of videos showing PP officials negotiating the sale of baby body parts.
  • August 31: Trial date in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress. Planned Parenthood sued David Daleiden, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and CMP board members individually after a series of videos were released showing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the trafficking of aborted baby parts. PP is seeking tens of millions in damages.
  • Passmore v. 21st Century Oncology (FL): Sally Passmore and Paula Thybault were fired for their pro-life views. The case is currently in discovery.
  • We are still waiting for the Alabama Department of Public Health to revoke licenses for two Planned Parenthood facilities in Birmingham and to immediately inspect all abortion clinics in the state of Alabama and ensure correction of any deficiencies.
  • We are working with Pro-Life Mississippi to permanently close the state’s last remaining abortion mill. Police were harassing pro-lifers for engaging in constitutionally-protected protests, but Life Legal intervened to restore the pro-lifers’ First Amendment rights.