Please PRAY for Emergency Writ defending David Daleiden’s exposé of Planned Parenthood!

Federal judge protects abortionists
from truth about what they’ve been doing!

He shrugs off anti-SLAPP motion that should shield the
Center for Medical Progress from vengeful abortionists!

But . . . as David Daleiden’s attorneys… we at
Life Legal are NOT taking this lying down!

We’ve filed an Emergency Writ in the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals to defend David’s rights. . . .

You probably have already read about the second major lawsuit attempting to prevent David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress from revealing the truth about the abortion industry’s grisly trade in human body parts.

The suit was brought in federal court by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) – and was based on the ridiculous argument that just telling the truth about NAF members would expose them to irreparable harm – mostly the harm of being called names on the internet.

Despite the thin rationale, the NAF’s suit received a favorable response from U.S. District Judge William Orrick, who issued a temporary restraining order that prohibited the CMP from publishing further videos showing NAF members.

He also ordered discovery – an easy way for the NAF to find out everything that the CMP has prepared against them.

Far from being rooted in concern for member safety, the NAF’s lawsuit is obviously an attempt to stifle criticism in a matter of public interest – which the wholesale slaughter of infants, followed by the systematic marketing of their body parts, clearly constitutes. In other words, it is a SLAPP suit. (“SLAPP” stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.)

Accordingly, on the CMP’s behalf, Life Legal and our allied attorneys filed an anti-SLAPP motion based on California statute. The pro-life side sought to stay discovery designed to serve the vicious private ends of the National Abortion Federation. But Judge Orrick rejected our motion.

We at Life Legal just filed an Emergency Writ with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – in order to stay the discovery that pro-aborts so desperately want to pursue!

We are confident that, in the long run, the merits of the NAF’s case will fail. The NAF may well know this, too. If discovery is not stayed, the NAF may reap all sorts of unearned rewards from their unprincipled frivolous lawsuit. Judge Orrick’s court will, in effect, allow the abortionists to spy on David and the Center for Medical Progress!

Please pray for our emergency effort to stop this injustice!
We cannot give the pro-aborts any further advantages in their moves to suppress David Daleiden’s First Amendment rights!

For the first time in decades, Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and other abortionists are on the defensive.  We cannot let them off the sizeable barbed hook that they fashioned for themselves . . .

Don’t let the pro-aborts get away with what they’re doing!  Your immediate support is needed to fight the abortion giants and secure our freedoms.  Please pray – and, if possible, donate – now. . . .

Please help us to pursue this and other such injustices!