Please help Life Legal DEFEND THE PRO-LIFE HEROES who will fight abortion in 2023….

Life Legal Litigation Team

You probably already know that a lot of people rely on Life Legal in the face of a ravenous death culture that knows no mercy.  When somebody’s injured or disabled child is about to be killed through starvation and dehydration, or when corrupt local officials are about to shut down somebody’s pro-life sidewalk counseling ministry, those somebodies call Life Legal – because they know they can depend on Life Legal.

And that’s why, at the end of 2022, we are calling on you. We know that, if we can depend on anybody, we can depend on you.

As 2023 approaches, we face unparalleled challenges….

Pro-lifers on public sidewalks across the nation face outright attacks from pro-abort extremists like never before.

In many areas, those who are tasked with protecting the public peace are taking the side of Planned Parenthood and other abortion butchers. When pro-lifers are threatened and assaulted, law enforcement refuses to hold those who attack pro-life speech accountable. Instead, our heroic pro-life clients have been told they “should not be out here,” meaning they should not be permitted to exercise the right to speech guaranteed to them by our Constitution.

Life Legal is not standing for this discriminatory all-out assault on pro-life speech.

We already filed lawsuits against abortionists, including the murderous behemoth Planned Parenthood, in several states for suppressing speech and for overt aggression against pro-life voices.

The abortion cartel’s exploitation of baby body parts continues. Fetal tissue experiments are still going on – and their headquarters is now the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Just as the Center for Medical Progress rose to expose Planned Parenthood, pro-life heroes from the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust are confronting UCSF.

And just as Life Legal helped CMP from the beginning, we are now providing legal assistance to the activists mobilized against UCSF’s outrages.  Like the undercover journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s wicked trade in baby body parts, the young pro-lifers facing UCSF are slated for a backlash that they cannot face alone.

Long before baby body parts came to the public’s attention, Life Legal was fighting fiercely on behalf of street level pro-life activists: prayer warriors, protesters, and sidewalk counselors.  And we’re still fighting for them.  We fight for these saintly, self-sacrificing people because we know the exercise of their First Amendment rights saves lives from abortion.

These dedicated pro-lifers have faced an unprecedented level of intimidation and violence.

Life Legal is in the struggle for pro-life free speech for the long haul.  We will defend pro-life activists to the very end.  But the scale of the task we face in defending them has increased enormously.

Please… won’t you help Life Legal meet these burgeoning challenges? As the end of 2022 approaches, won’t you please consider giving generously according to your means? The New Year is shaping up to pose new challenges to the protection of life, especially children in the womb. We are well-equipped to meet those challenges, but we need your help.

The pro-lifers we defend come to Life Legal because they know we will stick with them – even when the task seems almost impossible.

And we need you by our side in order to continue.  It really is that simple.