Planned Parenthood SHOCKED to hear from NEW NEIGHBOR!

Life Legal provided legal support leading to the founding of a new pregnancy resource center in Napa, California. The new center, Napa Women’s Center, is located just next door from the city’s only abortion facility, a Planned Parenthood mill.

Life Legal’s founders and staff have long had a presence in front of Planned Parenthood in Napa in conjunction with 40 Days for Life. When the building next door to PP became available, they jumped on the chance to open a center that offers women an alternative to Planned Parenthood’s abortion-only model. The building’s owner was thrilled to lease the property for a pro-life cause.

Napa Women’s Center provides pregnancy tests, client advocacy, medical referrals, material resources, and abortion pill reversal—all free of charge.

Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life, spoke at the Center’s opening, saying, “This is a great day for women and it’s a great day for the unborn. Planned Parenthood has no idea what a bad day they just had.”

Shawn also noted that the proximity of pregnancy centers to abortion clinics is “the combo that closes abortion facilities.”

Actress Patricia Heaton retweeted the announcement about the Center’s opening

The location of the Center in the heart of the City of Napa is significant, as the Napa City Council is contemplating a bubble zone ordinance to deter pro-life speech in front of Planned Parenthood. Life Legal is fighting the ordinance.

“If we can open a center like this in Napa right next door to a killing mill, it can be done anywhere in the nation,” said Life Legal’s Founder and Chief Financial Officer Mary Riley, who was instrumental in starting the pro-life Center. “We are so grateful to our volunteers and the larger community for working together to build a beautiful and safe place that offers hope and help to women and families.”