Life Legal Defense Foundation joins San Francisco Bay Area pro-lifers in celebrating the closure of Golden Gate Community Health (GGCH). GGCH was the successor corporation to Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), the organization that last summer was stripped of its affiliate status by Planned Parenthood Federation of America amidst allegations of financial and administrative mismanagement.

Before its closure, GGHC operated five abortion clinics in four Bay Area counties, already a considerable decline from its heyday in the ’90s, when it operated four abortion clinics in San Mateo County alone. Its website boasted that, as PPGG, it had been in continuous operation for over 90 years.

PPGG was not only one of the oldest Planned Parenthood affiliates; it was also one of the most litigious. PPGG instigated frequent litigation against pro-life activists from the ’80s to as recently as a year ago. The affiliate was a party in at least six lawsuits against pro-life activists, as well as the impetus for a seventh suit in federal court. In each case, LLDF represented the pro-life activists whose free speech rights were threatened, including (but not limited to) Ross Foti, Lowell King, Fr. Edward Cleary, Robert Cochran, and Jeannette and Louis Garibaldi. This litigation resulted in five published court opinions.

PPGG was also one of the plaintiffs in challenging the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

PPGG lost $2.8 million during the tax year 2008–2009 and had not broken even since 2006. GGHC was reported to have run up a shortfall totaling $536,000 in 2010 and had attempted, apparently unsuccessfully, to raise $1.5 million in order to keep its clinics open.

At the same time it was struggling to survive financially, PPGG contributed over $750,000 to defeat three California ballot initiatives, in 2005, 2006, and 2008, that would have required parental notification before a minor could have an abortion.

“As Congress debates continued funding of Planned Parenthood, it should take note of the organization’s spending priorities,” said LLDF President Dana Cody. “Furthering Planned Parenthood’s political agenda apparently was more important than providing all those ‘critical health services’ that we keep hearing about.”

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