Permanent Injunction Issued Against Birmingham Abortion Clinic!

Thursday, August 8, 2013: Jefferson County Alabama Circuit Court Judge Joseph Boohaker ruled today that the abortion business operating out of the New Women All Women building in Birmingham was subject to regulation by the Alabama Department of Public Health. He further ruled that since abortionist Dr. Bruce Norman has not obtained proper licensure from the Department of Public Health, the business should be permanently enjoined.

This news comes on the heels of the discovery of an apparent botched abortion at Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, a facility which is also owned by Diane Derzis, and out of which abortionist Norman operates as well. Local pro-life activists took to the streets in Montgomery to bring public attention to the hazard Derzis is creating for women.

Allison Aranda, Life Legal Defense Foundation’s Senior Staff Counsel, commented on the court’s ruling:

“We are elated that Judge Boohaker saw Bruce Norman’s activities for what they really were—operating an unlicensed abortion clinic. The court has essentially ordered Norman to cease operating an abortion clinic without having a license, which seems like common sense—that’s what the law requires.  But now, if Norman continues to defy the ADPH regulations and Judge Boohaker’s ruling, ADPH can seek further sanctions against Norman for not merely violating the law but for violating a court order as well.”

Ms. Aranda sees this ruling as good precedent in clearing up statutory definitions in Alabama:

“Another bright side is that any ambiguity about what constitutes an abortion clinic under the law is now made clear.  If Norman further blatantly disregards the law and continues to provide abortions, he should now be subject to stricter scrutiny and risks having his Alabama medical license entirely revoked….which wouldn’t be a bad move by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners in light of the recent events in Jackson, Mississippi, where another woman was rushed to the hospital after suffering injuries during an abortion performed by Bruce Norman.”

LLDF and local counsel William Webster filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of LLDF, CEC for Life and Operation Rescue urging the court to consider the substantial evidence of illegal actions by Derzis and Norman.