Permanent Injunction Issued Against Birmingham Abortion Clinic: Update

Friday, September 27, 2013: Life Legal Defense Foundation filed an amicus brief in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham, Alabama, in the case State Board of Health v. New Women’s Inc. The brief was filed on behalf of LLDF, CEC for Life and Operation Rescue, and urges the court to reject the defendant’s request for reconsideration.

In August, Circuit Court Judge Boohaker issued a permanent injunction closing the dangerous New Woman, All Women abortion business following a hearing in which the evidence disclosed that an unlicensed abortion clinic was being run out of the decrepit and dangerous facility. Now defendant, abortionist Bruce Norman, has moved to reconsider the judgment. A hearing on his motion has been set for October 1, 2013. LLDF and local counsel William Webster worked quickly to file an amicus brief urging the court not to accept new, unsupported evidence in what has already been a years-long battle to close this dangerous facility.

“Enough is enough,” says Dana Cody, LLDF’s Executive Director. “The evidence was conclusive at the hearing on this matter. It is time to close this dangerous clinic and keep it closed.”

LLDF has been working with local pro-life advocates to shed light on the dangerous practices at this clinic for the past several years, and filed a previous amicus brief with the district court in July.