Ohio Ballot Initiative goes to EXTREMES to kill babies = VOTE No!

Abortion extremists in Ohio are attempting to radically expand abortion through a statewide ballot initiative. The Ohio Reproductive Freedom Amendment would create a constitutional right to contraception, fertility treatment, abortion, and other “reproductive decisions.” The Amendment will be on the November ballot and only needs a simple majority of votes to pass.

If it passes, the Amendment will abolish such common-sense protections as parental consent for abortion and will effectively prohibit restrictions on abortion through the age of viability. The Amendment also creates a right to abortion throughout pregnancy in certain circumstances, including the health of the mother – which is not limited to physical health, but can encompass mental, emotional, social, financial, and even educational factors.

The rights under the Ohio Amendment are not limited to adults, but can also be asserted by minor children – even against their parents. The language of the Amendment is broad enough to include the right to sex change hormones and surgery.

“Reproductive freedom” amendments like this are the latest tactic of pro-aborts to circumvent laws restricting abortion. The Ohio Amendment is the first such ballot measure in a state that has enacted strong pro-life protections – but it won’t be the last. Similar efforts are underway in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

Life Legal urges Ohioans to vote NO on the Reproductive Freedom Amendment.

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Please also make sure every pro-lifer in your household is registered to vote! You must register or update your voter registration by October 10, 2023.

Thank you for standing with Life Legal to push back against abortion lobbyists that will stop at nothing to impose unrestricted child killing on every state. We will soon be launching a strategic digital campaign to educate voters about the deadly effects of abortion amendments – and we need your help!