Destroying Human Embryos Is Unethical,
Unworkable, Unreliable and Unnecessary

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Unless you have C-Span, you may have missed Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and nine pro-life Members of Congress (Wamp, Foxx, Fortenberry, Forbes, Jordan, Fleming, Bilirakis, Bachmann and Souder) speak about stem cell research on the House floor on March 4, 2009. These Members discussed the tremendous breakthroughs in ethically noncontroversial stem cells and reasons why expanded taxpayer funded human embryonic destructive research is untenable. As well, they spoke about the “Human Cloning Prohibition Act,” H.R. 1050, and H.R. 877, the “Patient’s First Act.”

The Congressional Record transcript is available online.