New CMP Video Released “Intact Fetal Cadavers” At 20 Weeks

“Intact Fetal Cadavers” At 20 Weeks
“Just a Matter of Line Items” at Planned Parenthood
Texas Mega-Center: Abortion Docs Can “Make it Happen

The most devastating evidence against Planned Parenthood (PP) to date was released today by CMP. Melissa Farrell, Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, speaks about PP Houston mega-center’s “many, many years of experience” selling baby parts for research; altering abortion methods; providing fully intact baby bodies to buyers; and, of course, money.

We expect PP will continue to command members of the public to shut their lying eyes and plug their lying ears if what they see and hear from PP executives sounds like a blueprint for how to illegally supply and illegally profit from trafficking baby parts without getting caught.

Farrell is the fourth high-level PP employee to be documented indicating that PP is ready, willing, and able to illegally alter the method and/or timing of an abortion so that buyers can be supplied with the parts they order from PP. She also ominously says she “knows” that PP can provide whole babies (intact fetal cadavers) because PP doctors, “in the past have projects and they’re collecting the specimens, so they do it in a way that they get the best specimens.”

“Whenever you’re talking about fully intact fetal tissue in the context of fetal tissue procurement, those are situations in which no feticide, like Digoxin or potassium chloride, no chemical like that can be used to kill the fetus beforehand because that poisons the organs. So, that’s prima facie evidence of born-alive infant cases,” explained David Daleiden on CNN’s This Morning. Daleiden previously revealed PP partner, StemExpress, “sometimes gets fully intact fetuses” from California PP abortion clinics.

When actors asked Farrell how she would explain payments made to PP for handing over “intact fetal cadavers,” Farrell immediately answers, “If we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, we can make it part of the budget that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this. It’s all just a matter of line items.”
CMP’s videos have devastated PP’s denials just as fast as PP can repeat them. And CMP has even more videotaped evidence, all of which should be made public. However, two PP partners are suing CMP in California to keep some CMP footage from the public.

Life Legal Defense Foundation is proud of the work of our own attorney Catherine Short, who is representing CMP and David Daleiden in two lawsuits brought by PP partners StemExpress and the National Abortion Federation (NAF). The two lawsuits seek to silence CMP with injunctions and punish it with money damages for alleged breaches of non-disclosure agreements and California recording laws. Two judges—one state and one federal—have granted orders temporarily barring CMP from releasing what video it may have relating to StemExpress and NAF pending further hearings later in August.

Discussion of the First Amendment implications of the controversial orders can be found at Popehat (Ken White) and by Eugene Volokh.