Motion for Rehearing in Phill Kline Ethics Investigation

Phill-KlineLLDF continues to support Phill Kline, formerly the Attorney General of Kansas, who courageously fought to enforce the law against abortion providers, particularly Planned Parenthood, and who has been paying the price in what amounts to a political lynching ever since. On October 18th 2013, the Kansas Supreme Court decided to impose discipline on Mr. Kline in the form of indefinite suspension of his license to practice law. See LLDF’s comments on that decision here.

Now Mr. Kline’s legal team has filed a motion to reconsider which clearly establishes the errors on which the Kansas Supreme Court relied in issuing its decision. Read the 92 page motion here.

From the motion: “It is doubtful [whether] any criminal suspect in the history of this nation has ever so successfully used a high court to thwart legitimate investigations while persuading the judicial branch of government to put the prosecutor on trial.”

Dana Cody, LLDF’s President and Executive Director, affirms this statement. “From the prejudiced positions of the justices (five of whom later recused themselves), to the court’s flat rejection of amicus briefs, to the opinion itself with its one-sided rendition of the facts and the law, the court has demonstrated its vendetta against Mr. Kline.” Cody points to the argument made in the motion for reconsideration that if the justices and judges on the court were to apply to themselves the same standard of intolerance they applied to Mr. Kline, “everyone on this court would be subjected to significant disciplinary sanctions.” As the motion argues, the application of the rules of professional conduct in this case equals “ethics by ambush.”

“As an attorney committed to the integrity of my profession and our justice system, I hope that the court will take this opportunity to rectify the wrong done to Kline and to all attorneys who may now be similarly subjected to such an unjust public crucifixion,” Cody concludes.