Life Legal’s fight against unjust judgments designed to crush the Center for Medical Progress has reached a moment of truth….

Oral arguments in our appeal of these revenge judgments delivered in favor of abortion mega-corporation Planned Parenthood commence on Thursday, April 21st!

You remember the pro-life victories scored by the Center for Medical Progress.

The CMP’s undercover journalists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, gained access to numerous abortion industry secrets by acting the part of baby body part profiteers.

Representatives of Planned Parenthood – and other abortionists as well – were only too eager to peddle the bodies of slaughtered infants.  David and Sandra succeeded in recording abortion bigwigs incriminating themselves over and over again – since selling “fetal Tissue” for “valuable consideration” was contrary to long-standing federal law.

On July 14, 2015, when CMP released its first undercover video – and for months and years afterward, as more videos came out – the world was absolutely shocked!

The videos not only proved that Planned Parenthood was breaking the law.  They also swept away clouds of deception around the gruesome character of the abortion cartel, whose representatives calmly discussed and even joked about the dismemberment of human beings.

  • One abortionist cackled that baby body parts would buy her a Lamborghini…. 
  • Another talked about techniques used to secure complete fetal brains for sale…. 
  • A third mentioned that she had to lift weights so that she could yank the limbs off late-term babies….

And there were many more.

Planned Parenthood’s partisans in the mainstream media, in politics, and in the courts turned against CMP with a vengeance – precisely because they’d uncovered the truth.

Massive lawsuits followed.  Some of these we stopped – but one in particular, from Planned Parenthood itself, carried on under a biased judge – and a biased jury found for the baby-killers!

We at Life Legal have been fighting for years to reverse the $2.4 million judgment against CMP and individual defendants, including our client Albin Rhomberg who was sued in his capacity as a CMP board member – and also Judge William Orrick’s $14 million award of attorney fees to the body part entrepreneurs of Planned Parenthood….

And now our efforts are at a crisis point.  Oral arguments in our appeal start in just a couple days – on Thursday, April 21st!

If you could help us out at this crucial time… well, your timing couldn’t be much better.

Remember that our obligation to Albin and CMP is only one of our many pro-life commitments.

Remember also that the malice expressed by the pro-aborts toward David, Sandra, and CMP – ever since 2015 – stems from a profound hatred of the little babies whom Planned Parenthood is eager to destroy.  Anyone who stands between the abortionists and their prey becomes a target.

Please don’t let the heroes of CMP stand alone!