Media Corrects Misstatements Regarding Pro-Life Group’s Activities

As LLDF reported last week, KOVR News (CBS13 Sacramento, CA) misrepresented the activities of Project Truth, a pro-life group that does outreach and education to show the truth about abortion. LLDF called on the media outlet to correct its misrepresentations and accurately report Project Truth’s activities. Following LLDF’s letter, KOVR clarified and corrected their story and stated that they “regretted any confusion” caused by the earlier false report.

Allison Aranda, Senior Staff Counsel for Life Legal Defense Foundation, said, “We are pleased that KOVR chose to correct its misrepresentation of and false statements made about Project Truth, a pro-life group. It is always our hope that media will choose to be responsible and truthful in their coverage of this and other pro-life groups. The Life Legal Defense Foundation will help set the record straight when pro-life organizations are incorrectly portrayed by the media.”