LLDF Benefit To Include Auction Of Fine Art

Life Legal’s Annual Benefit Dinner will include an opportunity to purchase a beautiful still life painting (20×20 oil on canvas) by pro-life speaker, writer and artist, Julia Holcomb.

Artist’s description: “The Word” is a writing-themed still life rich with symbolic imagery suggesting divine inspiration in the Word of God. The red feather quill arching down to caress the page symbolizes the Holy Spirit’s inspiration in sacred scripture. The candle references the light of faith as well as the finite life of the soul, which is extinguished in shadow at death, and yet the viewer is reminded of the life of the illuminated Word of God. A page adorned with a red seal and script is a symbolic image of the soul that is sealed in a covenant of grace.

The painting will be framed in Italian Roma style that includes 23 kt. gold leaf, and will be sold at auction to benefit Life Legal Defense Foundation November 17, 2012. (Minimum bid, $3,000.) Come prepared to enter the bidding, and maybe you will bring this beautiful piece home with you! All proceeds from the auction will go to benefit LLDF’s work to defend life.

Life Legal Defense Foundation would like to thank Julia Holcomb for her generosity both in agreeing to bring her message of life to this year’s benefit, and in sharing her talent in the donation of this lovely painting.

For tickets and more information, visit the Benefit Dinner RSVP Page.