Life Legal OVERWHELMS pro-abort barricades…!

Pro-lifers in Everett, WA forced off the public sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood 

Two weeks ago, we reported that the City of Everett Washington put up metal barricades to force pro-lifers off the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood. This was a blatantly unconstitutional violation of the pro-lifers’ right to gather and speak on a public sidewalk.   

Life Legal immediately confronted the City Attorney and demanded that the barricades be removed. We pointed out that city’s actions were contrary Supreme Court precedent that protects the right of sidewalk counselors to communicate effectively with women entering abortion facilities in order to offer them information and engage in consensual, personal conversations. The City, however, claimed it was within its “crowd control authority” to push all pro-lifers across the street, where they could “yell at patients” from a distance. 

After further communication with city officials, we learned today that the city relented and is removing the barricades!  

Pro-lifers in Everett can once again talk to women entering the abortion mill and offer them life-saving help.  

The Planned Parenthood group that runs the Everett clinic kills over 19,000 babies every year through abortion. The average cost per abortion is $600, which means the group rakes in well over $11 million annually in blood money. Not surprisingly, Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin is a zealous pro-abort and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobbying group NARAL.  

Life Legal will continue to monitor the situation to make sure pro-lifers are free to exercise their First Amendment rights outside Planned Parenthood.