Life Legal makes FORCEFUL LAST MOVE for heroes who revealed BABY BODY PART TRAFFICKING…!

You probably remember. In 2015, the world got an insider’s look at what Planned Parenthood was really all about.

Was the organization founded by Margaret Sanger – a racist eugenicist – really all about helping women? Was it really all about uplifting the poor? Was it really an agent of positive social change, guiding this country toward a brighter future? Was Planned Parenthood really devoting tremendous labors to make sure abortion is “safe, legal, and rare”?


Rather, it performed as many abortions as it could – for any reason, no questions asked. It performed abortions to cover-up for child rape and sex trafficking. It performed late-term abortions that involved violent dismemberment of viable babies.

And it violated state and federal laws by peddling baby body parts for money.

How was Planned Parenthood’s carefully cultivated façade overthrown?

The Real Agents of Positive Change…

With the support of pro-lifers who founded and led CMP, courageous investigators went undercover and recorded the Planned Parentoids making their baby body part deals. Then CMP published the evidence in videos that shocked people all over the globe.

The videos did not merely “allege” that Planned Parenthood was running a huge side market in baby body parts. They proved it.

But the heroes of the Center for Medical Progress paid a price.

The Annihilation Empire Strikes Back…!

The lawsuits rained down like missiles from all directions. From Planned Parenthood, from the National Abortion Federation, and from Stem Express, a baby body parts buyer involved in Frankenstein-like experiments that would turn anybody’s stomach.

We at Life Legal defended the heroes of CMP from the very beginning and, in conjunction with pro-life colleagues, worked to intercept these ill-considered, vengeful lawsuits.

However, thanks to the blood-soaked idol called Roe v. Wade, which long sat atop the American legal system and crushed all life out of actual constitutional rights, one of these suits – the one brought by Planned Parenthood itself – evaded our air defense system and hit its target with devastating force.

After almost four years of litigation and a lengthy trial, during which Judge William Orrick repeatedly saved Planned Parenthood from its own mistakes, a San Francisco jury awarded a ruinous $2 million to the nation’s largest baby-killing profiteer.

Then Judge Orrick approved an whopping additional $14 million in attorney fees – just because Planned Parenthood had sued under RICO, a federal law designed to punish racketeers and their profitable criminal enterprises!

During the trial, Judge Orrick blocked the jury from hearing complete recordings of conversations between investigative journalists and Planned Parenthood – exactly what the lawsuit was supposed to be about.

By the end of the trial, the result was pretty much inevitable.  The abortionists got their way.  We appealed this gargantuan miscarriage of justice to a panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and received all kinds of backing on First Amendment grounds from public interest groups that weren’t even pro-life.  For example, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took our side!

But rational argument was also disregarded at the Ninth Circuit.  The three-judge panel of Democrat appointees found against CMP, and, on March 1st of this year, the whole court declined without comment to hear our appeal of the panel’s decision.

Pro-Lifers Need to Fight on for CMP…!

So now we’re taking the last step in defense of the heroes who revealed to the world what Planned Parenthood really does.  We’re preparing to file a petition for review with the U.S. Supreme Court.

As you probably expect, the defense of our client – who was sued in his capacity as a founder of the Center for Medical Progress – will not be an easy matter. Over the last eight years, this campaign on behalf of those who told the truth about Planned Parenthood has absorbed a large part of our time, energy, and money. And it promises to do the same now as we move ahead.

The bottom line is that we anticipate a need to raise $88,750 by June 6th in order to give this vital petition a substantial chance of success – while attending to our many other essential pro-life responsibilities. Please, could you contribute $50, $100, or even $250 toward this necessary goal?

Because of the expenses we have already incurred to forge ahead, and because we are up against Planned Parenthood, whose stash of blood money is unimaginably vast, we are especially seeking gifts of up to $1,000 from pro-life stalwarts who can afford to consider such sacrificial generosity.

But we would be truly grateful for any amount you could afford to contribute.  Life Legal has long been acquainted with the Widow’s Mite.  We know that great things are accomplished through small gifts if they are given with great love.

Roe Is Defunct — but Its Evil Progeny Lives On….

If this appeal has moved you at all, it’s probably because, like us, you recognize that the heroes of CMP have taken enormous risks that most pro-lifers would tremble even to consider.  They went into the belly of the beast and refused to be intimidated by all of the abortion syndicate’s threats and assaults.

And they are now facing an extreme judgment, plus attorney fees, calculated to destroy them utterly for daring to stand up to Planned Parenthood.  Keep in mind:  this judgment is REAL.  It is not a possibility.  It is not something that may ruin our heroes down the line.  The judgment has already been entered.  If you and I do nothing now, then the horrible injustice stands, and the baby-killers at Planned Parenthood get their wide-eyed, drooling revenge on brave pro-lifers!

How could any fellow pro-lifer not want to back up these victims of Big Abortion’s arrogance?

But there’s another reason to contribute to the defense of these heroes at this crucial time.

You see, the insane verdict and award against CMP was delivered in 2019 — when Roe v. Wade was still posing as the law of the land.  Indeed, at that time, few thought that the fraudulent “right” to kill a baby would ever be undone.

But the decision rendered by the Ninth Circuit — the decision NOT to reconsider the unjust punishment of pro-lifers — was delivered this year.  It was delivered AFTER Dobbs v. JWHO, AFTER the unholy fiction of Roe was consigned to trash heap of history.  The Ninth Circuit acted as if it could still, without fear of reversal, bend the law in favor of child-murder, just as courts have done for the past five decades.

We used to call the effect of Roe on the judiciary nationwide the Abortion Distortion — and I guess we still should.  But we were hoping that judicial minds would prove judicious, that maybe, just maybe, the effect of Roe on our legal realities would disappear when Roe disappeared.

The Ninth Circuit has turned up its nose at our way of thinking.  Like a lot of lower courts, it retains a fierce affection for the Planned Parenthood and the abortion cartel and intends to keep them going whether Roe has fallen or not.

So, by petitioning the Supreme Court in this case, we are also actually seeking a decision on the Abortion Distortion.  Will the Supreme Court put its foot down?  Will it tell the lower courts to stop torturing the law to accommodate the so-called “right” to abortion?

We’re hoping it will.  If it does, it’ll make a big difference to pro-life efforts in a post-Roe America.