Life Legal holds the line against CRUEL, KILL-CRAZY SPOUSE…!

Three years ago Joshua Barras suffered a brain injury that left him disabled. Now his wife Maegan wants to kill him by removing his feeding tube. Life Legal is representing Kelly Barras, Josh’s mother.   

Tragically, Josh has not received the rehabilitative therapy he needs, even though Maegan has launched several online fundraisers ostensibly for his treatment. Josh and Maegan were in the middle of divorce proceedings when he suffered his brain injury, but because they were technically still married, Maegan is Josh’s health care proxy.   

Maegan has created a TikTok empire with over 630,000 followers. Many of her videos revolve around her desire to take her husband “home.” In other words, she wants to take Josh out of nursing care to starve and dehydrate him, resulting in his slow, agonizing death.   

Maegen continues to exploit Josh’s condition for her own gain. Earlier this year, she blocked Kelly from visiting her son. Our attorney was able to restore Kelly’s visitation rights – and we are fighting to have Maegan removed as Josh’s decision-maker so Kelly can get him the treatment he needs.  

Here is a video of Maegan complaining that our attorney was able to obtain a court order “stopping me from bringing him home and stopping his feeding machine.” This is carefully selected language to give the impression that Josh is on life support, which is not true. Josh is not on any kind of machine – he receives nutrition and hydration through a feeding tube, as do about 450,000 people in the U.S.   

“The show” Maegan refers to is a March 2021 episode of the Dr. Phil Show where Maegan tried to make a case for killing her husband.   

Thanks to our Life Legal attorney, Kelly was able to spend some time with Josh and, as you can see in the short video below, he responds to her. 

Our culture believes it is appropriate – even virtuous – to kill people who are too young, too old, too diminished, too vulnerable, or too inconvenient. We are not only fighting to save Josh’s life, we are fighting to restore respect for ALL human life from conception through natural death. 

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  1. Josh’s case is portrayed so much different by the ‘wife’. My heart aches for him every time I see these EYE OPENING videos. He’s very much there and wants to be heard! We love you Josh!

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