Life Legal helps local leader fight CRAZY “REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM” PROPOSITION in California….

Life Legal is supporting a citywide resolution to oppose California’s Proposition 1 in Temecula, CA. Prop 1 is a far-reaching ballot measure that would give individuals a constitutional right to “reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions.” No court or legislature, or even the proposed amendment itself, has defined what “reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions” includes or excludes.

Such ambiguity opens the door for the unthinkable. Laws regulating sex change surgery for minors without parental consent, laws regulating underage girls selling their eggs, and laws against incest, polygamy, and sex between adults and minors could vanish if this new broad constitutional right to reproductive freedom passes.

Councilwoman Jessica Alexander introduced the resolution to oppose Prop 1. The city initially rejected the proposal based on a misreading of its policy on agenda items. Life Legal notified the city manager regarding the city’s incorrect interpretation of its policy. The city subsequently agreed to consider the resolution.

Life Legal Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda spoke in opposition to Prop 1 and in support of Alexander’s resolution. Click here to watch Allison’s comments.

“It is shameful that Councilwoman Alexander had to get an attorney involved to get the city of Temecula to properly follow its own policies. If Councilwoman Alexander’s proposal was about crime, and not abortion and parental rights, I doubt the city would have thwarted her request.,” commented Aranda.

After receiving news that the city would consider her proposal, Councilwoman Alexander remarked, “I am grateful for the support of Life Legal Defense Foundation, and I am thankful for the opportunity to expose the real dangers of Proposition 1 at the next city council meeting.”

Prop. 1 is not just about enshrining a right to abortion.  As Attorney Aranda pointed out to the city council, “Laws against incest, polygamy, and sex between adults and minors would unlikely be able to stand against this new, broad constitutional right to reproductive freedom if this proposition passes. Proposition 1 goes much further than putting a right to abortion in the Constitution. Its language is broad enough to establish previously unthinkable acts as constitutional rights.”