Life Legal fights to save pro-life heroes from FALSE CHARGES…! 

Abortion clinic “deathscorts” like these surround women and steer them into abortuaries.
Their job is to make sure the women do not hear the truth about abortion. 

Pro-aborts are at it again. They will stop at nothing to stop the peaceful, prayerful pro-life witness outside their death mills. Abortion deathscorts across the country are wasting public resources by calling the police for such “crimes” as tapping someone on the shoulder or retrieving a cell phone. Here are a few recent cases: 

  • Eric* was counseling and praying with a women who was walking into a Louisiana abortion mill when a deathscort step between Eric and the woman, effectively ending their conversation. When Eric tapped the deathscort on the shoulder and asked her to move, she called the police. Eric was charged with assault and battery.  
  • Tim* was part of a group of pro-lifers praying outside the same Louisiana abortion mill as Eric. A deathscort brushed into Tim, knocking him over. When Tim got up, the deathscort called the police, saying Tim had assaulted her. Tim was also charged with assault and battery.  
  • Rachel* was talking with a young woman outside a Planned Parenthood facility in California and was able to connect her with a pro-life counselor by phone. PP’s deathscort intervened and abruptly ushered the young woman into the abortion mill. When Rachel tried to retrieve her phone, Planned Parenthood called the police, saying Rachel touched the escort. Rachel was charged with battery and was ordered to stay away from the Planned Parenthood clinic. 

In each of these cases, Life Legal attorneys got the bogus charges DISMISSED for lack of evidence. And in cases where pro-aborts repeatedly resort to this type of harassment, we take legal action against the perpetrators.  

Public sidewalks – even outside abortion clinics – are free speech zones. If you have been harassed or threatened while praying or counseling outside an abortion mill, please call us. Do not let deathscorts and their allies intimidate you into silence! 

If you are not one of those called to this vital work, remember that sidewalk counselors save lives from the machinery of death on a daily basis. They truly are, on a practical level, the bravest and most effective activists our movement contains! 

Thank you for your prayers and your faithful support.  

*Names have been changed for privacy