Pro-lifers at Western Washington University before being attacked by pro-aborts. 

Life Legal has been working to get justice for the pro-life organization Tiny Heartbeat after pro-aborts attacked pro-lifers at a recent campus event.

Shortly after members Tiny Heartbeat’s Project Truth set up displays at Western Washington University, pro-aborts stole and destroyed the pro-lifers’ signs and assaulted the pro-life advocates. One rabid pro-abort pulled out a knife, slashing a pro-life sign and nearly striking the pro-lifer who was holding the sign. Another student asked whether the pro-lifers were Christian and then proceeded to demolish their campus displays.

Pro-aborts take these outrageous actions against pro-life campus witness because it is so effective in changing minds and in saving lives from the child-murder industry.

Life Legal is pursuing every legal avenue to ensure that the pro-aborts are prosecuted and that these deplorable crimes against pro-lifers are not repeated.

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