Life Legal fights DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN against pro-life pregnancy care centers….

I was invited to participate in a press conference Wednesday morning to address recent statements by California legislators slandering the work of pro-life pregnancy clinics.

California Assembly Member Pilar Schiavo authored a bill (AB 710) that would have created an “awareness campaign” targeting what she calls “fake crisis pregnancy centers” that “shame and intentionally mislead women about their reproductive options then to dissuade them from the decision that is most appropriate for them and their families.” This is nothing less than a witch hunt to demonize pro-life centers.

It should be noted that Schiavo has never visited either of the two pregnancy centers in her district, which are both licensed medical clinics, even though she has been invited to do so numerous times.

The narrative that pregnancy centers are “fake” clinics is absurd. Most pregnancy centers offer medical services, which means they are thoroughly inspected and licensed, just as any other medical clinic. And there is nothing “fake” about a non-medical pregnancy resource center offering tangible goods and services at no cost to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. These centers are open about the scope of their services and the fact that they do not provide or refer for abortion.

They do, however, provide medically accurate information about various abortion procedures, and the long-term mental, emotional, and physical effects of abortion – which is exactly the information Planned Parenthood and other supporters of AB 710 do not want women to hear.

Thankfully, Schiavo’s bill died in committee this week. But bills like this targeting the work of pro-life centers will be introduced again, in California and across the nation. And Life Legal will continue to fight those bills and the lies that are perpetuated by abortion extremists.

Participants in today’s press conference demanded an apology from Assembly Member Schiavo for her comments maligning the work of pro-life pregnancy centers.

I addressed my closing remarks to Schiavo and other legislators, asking, “Why do you have so much hostility toward organizations that are operating in full compliance with the law and giving back hundreds of millions of dollars in essential goods and services to the community — all without costing taxpayers a cent?”

If you or someone know is involved with a pregnancy center that has concerns about legal issues or pending legislation, please contact Life Legal at 707.224.6675 or by email at